Okay, so I’m beat-down tired, but before I take my laptop off to bed to fall asleep to homework, I feel the need to share my love for an architect I discovered over the summer. First of all, can I just say, that I really appreciate being able to walk into spaces, fall in love with the design, and actually be able to find the designer/architect that did the work. It’s satisfying, and I like that credit can be given for excellent work. Just saying.

In order of appearance, that’s the YYoga North Shore Elements studio and the YYoga South Granville/Broadway location (Vancouver & Area).

This is hands down, one of my favorite studios I’ve practiced yoga in. It’s so well considered. The acoustics (apart from certain nights when the bar below is far louder than could probably be controlled) are great, I adore the lights (at night they feel like stars above you in savasana), I love the bamboo floors, and it’s so lovely having all the natural light during the day. It’s so simple, but for what it does, it’s so effective.

Now, I can’t tell you for sure this one is Michel’s. The Yaletown location isn’t listed on his website, but I know he’s done at least four of the other YYoga studios.

If I haven’t already mentioned this, it’s probably worth mentioning now: I love white wash brick. Love love love it. I also have fallen head over heels for the use of grey in interiors. I think there’s a common misconception that grey is cold, but I promise you that it feels like there are more greys than there are colors in the world, and if you choose the right one, it can be one of the warmest elements of a space.

Michel Laflemme Architect with credit also to Donna Toppings & Ron Mikulik.

In addition, this is definitely a shameless plug for my most favorite yoga studios in Vancouver. South Granville, I adore you. YYoga Studios