Okay, can we talk about how much I adore “live” jewelry?

Seriously, who doesn’t want to hang an adorable little garden around their neck? Or wear a bonsai-sized hedge on their finger? These things are absolutely precious, and they remind me of the little cactus my old neighbor used to grow out of a fridge magnet. I was always fascinated with it, and today, my love for succulents far exceeds my love for most flowering plants, even.

I have yet to see someone wearing one of these, but I promise, one of these days, I will get around to buying one of these for myself. The ring shown above has been designed with preserved moss, so it doesn’t require watering. But for the one above, or the ones with little baby succulents in them, I’m genuinely curious to know how long they would last, and how often you would have to water it. Regardless, they’re adorable, and you don’t get much more “green” than growing moss and plants out of your jewelry.

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