One of my favorite things about being in the Interior Design industry, is that sales/material reps are just dying for a bit of your time, to share their new products, creations and samples with you. And really, who can say no? I will take more of your beautiful tile samples ANY day.

Today, we had Kevin Allison come in to give a presentation on the different 3Form products, lighting methods (which was fantastic), and to share some new things that 3Form is up to. Now, if you don’t already know who/what 3Form is – they’re wonderful. They’re essentially one of (if not the) largest manufacturers of resin products for mostly interior projects, but they also do exterior products. Resins are extraordinarily versatile, and when it comes down to it, much more reliable that glass in many situations. A lot of their products use post-consumer recycled plastics, and they also have a product that is 100% recycled content. Like I said, wonderful.

What you see above is a picture of the Revolution Lounge in Las Vegas. The countertop is made of 3Form’s “Chroma” product and is lit with LEDs. Brilliant, right? You can do so much with their products. Including pressing organics between them, like this:

Okay, but what stole the show for me today, was something new they’re doing called “HighRes Imagery”. Now, if you think of standard “for-print” resolution imagery… that’s typically set at 300 dpi. Well, 3Form has managed to get some photos set at something ridiculous like 30,000 dpi, to press between their products at a very large scale. And the effect is utterly brilliant:

Isn’t that stunning? Their gallery currently only consists of 14 photographs, but custom projects are available and I’m sure these are going to be popular enough that they will be expanding their library really soon. And since we established yesterday just how much I love succulents, I will leave you with this beauty (yes, they can even curve them!)…

3Form Website

3Form HighRes Imagery