Alright so calling this post “biomimicry” might be a little bit of a stretch. But hear me out, first. We always describe moss as the carpet of the forest floor. It covers everything with it’s lush, tolerant and resilient beauty.

My mom always called me her “wild child” as a kid. I was the barefoot wonder, running all through the neighborhood shoe-less. Even today, I’d prefer walking barefoot through grass or sand than in shoes or on concerte (ew). So I think we can both agree that I would die for one of these:

A bathroom “rug” made of moss! Delicious! You could water it with your toes every morning when you step out of the bath or shower. You’d never have to run it through the washing machine… it would just regenerate itself beneath you. I wonder if it would affect the air quality and act as a natural air freshener too? Freshener or not, I’m putting it on my Christmas wishlist. ;)

Moss Carpet