I’m in love with an artist. This happens often… there are a lot of artists I love, but not all of them are this kind of wonderful artist.

As one of my friends would say: adorbs! (Aka: adorable!) Her work is used for all kinds of packaging and marketing materials. But honestly, most of her stuff I would put up on my walls. In more way than one…

Holy moly I wish I could just cram all the images from her website into this blog post because it’s impressively difficult to pick and choose my favorites! I love the colors, I love the patterns, I love the brush quality and penmanship. I love it all! I can’t wait until the day when I can afford to hang beautiful art on my walls.

Please visit this marvelous woman’s website and admire her work on my behalf. I will resume my day dreaming (about how I can incorporate her wallpaper designs with some Ann Sacks tiles in my next project – yum!).