Sorry for the disappearing act – I finished up my school semester and then spent the holidays out of the country with my boyfriend and his fam jam. I’m back in the home town for a couple days, then off to Vancouver for a four month work term. So bear with me, and I’ll get back to this regularly once I have a normal schedule again!

I have to share this with you. I saw it on Treehugger a few days ago and was amazed. So this is kind of a re-share.

An exhibition of sorts, this stunning installation was designed to capture the concept of rainfall in a desert. I think it’s utterly brilliant, and I desperately wish I could visit it. Unfortunately for me, it’s in England at The Holburne Museum

Created by artist Bruce Munro, the display consists of 5,220 acrylic stems that reach up into a frosted globes, lit via colored fibre optic cables.

I simply adore the idea of biomimicry, and while this maybe doesn’t have much going for it in terms of functionality ( one of the things I appreciate about biomimicry in design), I love where the inspiration came from, and I can’t help but adore the magic this installation exudes.

Field of Light… is an alien installation in the midst of nature. And like dry desert seeds lying in wait for the rain, the sculpture’s fibre optic stems lie dormant until darkness falls, and then under a blazing blanket of stars they flower with gentle rhythms of light.

Bruce Munro

Unbelievable. Things like this, make me believe. Happy holidays to all!

(Photos are copyright Mark Pickthall.)