I’ve recently become aware of a wooden bathtub phenomenon. I hope it doesn’t often result in slivers in the behind, because good golly miss molly are they ever luxurious looking! Exhibit A:

Above is the “Japanese Ufuro” tub by designer Matteo Thun of the Italian based company Rapsel It is made entirely of larch wood. I am continuously awed by how versatile and beautiful wood is, and I find this tub to be no exception.

I found the following on ArchiExpo, and it’s made of Canadian Cedar (I bet it smells divine when you start filling it with warm water). It’s completely natural, contains no colorants or varnishes and is sealed with vegetable oil.

And then there’s my favorite; the “fallen tree” bathtubs used in the Mio Buenos Aires luxury hotel. I just can’t help myself from falling head over heels for reclaimed wood. Each one of the tubs is carved out by artist Mario Dasso. They look like petrified wood, and these ones by far, look the most comfortable to cuddle into:

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Art piece? Functional product? Room feature? Practical use of natural materials? Gorgeous? All of the above!! Not to mention the hotel itself is unbelievable. They have live walls. If they didn’t steal my heart with reclaimed wood, they definitely stole it with live/plant walls. (Okay, and those stairs… what are those, like… brushed, solid stainless steel stairs?! Oh my goodness.)

For those of you further interested, I found a video on YouTube about how these tubs are created. They are literally HAND crafted. I can’t imagine how expensive they are. The video is here

As for the interior design of the hotel, it was done by Beasley & Henley Interior Design