I have spent unimaginable amounts of time sitting in stiff, hard, non-adjustable and downright stupid chairs, especially at the computer while I’m working on homework or projects. I constantly find myself re-adjusting my position. I try tucking feet under legs, crossing, criss-crossing, tying and resting, just to make myself comfortable. Okay, so maybe not tying, but there’s potential for it to happen, if I’m uncomfortable enough!

I saw one of these chairs when I was at the Vancouver Yoga Conference and Show in November, and was instantly amazed. The longer I sit in uncomfortable chairs, the more I so. badly. want one. Check this out and tell me this doesn’t look glorious:

Completely adjustable and customizable. And look – it’s made for people like me, who like to tuck legs in under ourselves while we’re sitting! Yes, I’m an interior design student and I am subjected to chairs worth thousands of dollars, and yes they are beyond comfortable compared to the hard wooden dining chair I’m sitting in today. But the fact is, they’re designed for “the optimal sitter”. The person who sits face forward, hands on a desk, and their legs are out in front of them, both feet on the floor, knees together. Well that’s great. For people who sit that way. My beautiful Herman Miller chair at work, while undoubtedly more comfortable by comparison, still is not optimal for the positions I crave when I’m stuck in front of a computer for 8+ hours a day.

Needless to say, I desperately want one of these! I’m going to have to save my pennies. It might not happen until I can bite a good chunk out of my student loans after graduation. Really though, compared to the high-end chairs I’m familiar with in designing commercial office spaces, $1,800 isn’t that bad. Maybe I could opt for their four-payment payment plan of $450 and make it happen sooner? Not likely, but I can dream… about doing the two things I love most simultaneously: design AND yoga!

Check out Sukhasana Chairs and “Sit Consciously”.