Forgive me if this post comes off as a slight bit morbid.

Given my obsession with things that are green (not just the color), I couldn’t help but be fascinated with the idea of something I found called “Bio Urn”. Personally, it terrifies me, thinking about growing size of not just the population, but also of cemeteries, and the acceleration of technology for preserving bodies. What are we going to do with all of the bodies we will inevitably have to deal with in the coming decades? And how do we maintain things like cemetaries? Are we constantly going to run over them with lawn mowers, to preserve them? Does this mean one day we’ll be clear cutting forests for cemeteries?

Luckily, it is not a reality in the case of Bio Urns. In fact, this product is quite the opposite. These attractive cannisters are made of biodegradable plant materials, and are designed for a loved one’s ashes, along with a seed, to be planted… transforming ashes (and presumably tears and heart ache) into gorgeous, vibrant and energetic forests; circle of life much?

I for one, have never really preferred the thought of either being buried or cremated. Both seem crude, and I don’t enjoy the thought of loved ones carrying my ashes around in tins, to display on a shelf somewhere. But the thought of providing the nourishment for plant matter satisfies me beyond all other options, and makes me feel far more comfortable about being cremated (though this is a whole other issue in terms of emissions). Not to mention, it makes me feel good to think I’ll be giving back to humanity – in the form of oxygen and all the rest, after I pass.

I also think I prefer the mental image of protected forests, over manicured¬†cemeteries, in my childrens’ future. I can bet people would be more willing to fight for a forest if their loved ones had been planted in it. Maybe future generations would be more grateful and appreciative of such life; or life in general.

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