My background is in art: I attended a creative arts school for five years of grade school, and completed an International Baccalaureate certificate in Art & English in high school. I’ve been passionate about Interior Design since I was in grade six, so naturally it was what I pursued after graduation. I’m currently completing a four-year applied Bachelor of Interior Design, with intentions to graduate in August of 2012.

So far, my experience in the industry has been focused on food & beverage, retail and some hospitality. I see myself eventually pursuing something more along the lines of multi-family residential. One of my major design passions however, is sustainable design. I am all about designing with our future in mind.

My style tends towards a balance of traditional with contemporary. I prefer fresh, clean palettes of color. I love natural finishes and adore vintage furnishings with plenty of character. I typically find comfort in cool colors (blues, greens and purples) but occasionally delight in pops of warmth!