Alright so calling this post “biomimicry” might be a little bit of a stretch. But hear me out, first. We always describe moss as the carpet of the forest floor. It covers everything with it’s lush, tolerant and resilient beauty.

My mom always called me her “wild child” as a kid. I was the barefoot wonder, running all through the neighborhood shoe-less. Even today, I’d prefer walking barefoot through grass or sand than in shoes or on concerte (ew). So I think we can both agree that I would die for one of these:

A bathroom “rug” made of moss! Delicious! You could water it with your toes every morning when you step out of the bath or shower. You’d never have to run it through the washing machine… it would just regenerate itself beneath you. I wonder if it would affect the air quality and act as a natural air freshener too? Freshener or not, I’m putting it on my Christmas wishlist. ;)

Moss Carpet



So in my search for unique retail display solutions today (seriously struggling to find something awesome and practical enough for what I need), I found this really neat wall covering system:

The website is Swedish. Which really is no big surprise, considering how innovative and genius those Swedes are. But from what I understand, they’re made from recycled wood chips and concrete, and I would bet they’re great for acoustics/sound insulation. Plus, they look brilliant and seem easy peasy to install.

I love these like I love tiles (which if you know me, is a lot). You could do so many neat things with this, creating different patterns and color schemes and all sorts of stuff! They’re even water resistant. Basically… I want some!

Traullit Dekor

‘Tis the season!

My apologies. Between ceremonies, events, meetings, showings, lectures, crits, errands, basic needs and family, life has me living upside down and travelling at the speed of a light (a speed which I’m not 100% comfortable with). I promise I’m trying to keep up with one post a day, but the truth is I’m in my last two whirlwind weeks of the semester, and I may miss a day or two here and there.

Undeniably, winter has finally hit home (it’s surprisingly late this year). And with the snow and chill in the air (and eggnog in the stores), it has started to feel like Christmas!

I watched Elf today on TV, which has to be one of my favorite Christmas movies. It still makes me laugh! I saw Christmas trees being set up for sale in a parking lot a few weeks ago. I downloaded some silly Christmas Workshop game on my iPhone today, too. The radio stations have started to play Christmas music and the neighbors have put up their lights! There’s no doubt about it, Christmas is coming! And one of my favorite things about Christmas, is the decorations.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of bad decorations, but for the sake of this post, let’s be positive. :) Paper snowflakes have got to be one of the best ways to decorate. I have been fascinated by them all my life. When I worked with kids, every winter, we’d do a paper-snowflake-making workshop and the kids would go nuts! And while I don’t have time to make any myself right now, I thought maybe I could dress up my blog with a few!

These ones are made of tissue paper! I think that would make for a pretty neat effect, hanging in the window so the light could really come through them. And speaking of possible alternative materials… I have to say, while I don’t have the patience or eyeballs to make these, gosh I would really die for a set of beautiful crocheted snowflakes.

Just like real snowflakes, they’re so delicate and beautiful. I especially love the color of the one above.

I love knitting lace, but I don’t think I could crochet like this. I think I’ll just admire them from a far, for fear my eyes will fall out if I try. To be honest, I think I have more appreciation for crocheted and paper-cut snowflakes than I do for the real stuff. It always makes too much of a mess of the roads, if you know what I mean!

The red ones are from here – look they even wrap presents with them!


One of my favorite things about being in the Interior Design industry, is that sales/material reps are just dying for a bit of your time, to share their new products, creations and samples with you. And really, who can say no? I will take more of your beautiful tile samples ANY day.

Today, we had Kevin Allison come in to give a presentation on the different 3Form products, lighting methods (which was fantastic), and to share some new things that 3Form is up to. Now, if you don’t already know who/what 3Form is – they’re wonderful. They’re essentially one of (if not the) largest manufacturers of resin products for mostly interior projects, but they also do exterior products. Resins are extraordinarily versatile, and when it comes down to it, much more reliable that glass in many situations. A lot of their products use post-consumer recycled plastics, and they also have a product that is 100% recycled content. Like I said, wonderful.

What you see above is a picture of the Revolution Lounge in Las Vegas. The countertop is made of 3Form’s “Chroma” product and is lit with LEDs. Brilliant, right? You can do so much with their products. Including pressing organics between them, like this:

Okay, but what stole the show for me today, was something new they’re doing called “HighRes Imagery”. Now, if you think of standard “for-print” resolution imagery… that’s typically set at 300 dpi. Well, 3Form has managed to get some photos set at something ridiculous like 30,000 dpi, to press between their products at a very large scale. And the effect is utterly brilliant:

Isn’t that stunning? Their gallery currently only consists of 14 photographs, but custom projects are available and I’m sure these are going to be popular enough that they will be expanding their library really soon. And since we established yesterday just how much I love succulents, I will leave you with this beauty (yes, they can even curve them!)…

3Form Website

3Form HighRes Imagery

Jewelry Alive!

Okay, can we talk about how much I adore “live” jewelry?

Seriously, who doesn’t want to hang an adorable little garden around their neck? Or wear a bonsai-sized hedge on their finger? These things are absolutely precious, and they remind me of the little cactus my old neighbor used to grow out of a fridge magnet. I was always fascinated with it, and today, my love for succulents far exceeds my love for most flowering plants, even.

I have yet to see someone wearing one of these, but I promise, one of these days, I will get around to buying one of these for myself. The ring shown above has been designed with preserved moss, so it doesn’t require watering. But for the one above, or the ones with little baby succulents in them, I’m genuinely curious to know how long they would last, and how often you would have to water it. Regardless, they’re adorable, and you don’t get much more “green” than growing moss and plants out of your jewelry.

NAsHandcraftedGifts on Etsy

RaineDesign on Etsy

Yoga Brain

Okay, so I’m beat-down tired, but before I take my laptop off to bed to fall asleep to homework, I feel the need to share my love for an architect I discovered over the summer. First of all, can I just say, that I really appreciate being able to walk into spaces, fall in love with the design, and actually be able to find the designer/architect that did the work. It’s satisfying, and I like that credit can be given for excellent work. Just saying.

In order of appearance, that’s the YYoga North Shore Elements studio and the YYoga South Granville/Broadway location (Vancouver & Area).

This is hands down, one of my favorite studios I’ve practiced yoga in. It’s so well considered. The acoustics (apart from certain nights when the bar below is far louder than could probably be controlled) are great, I adore the lights (at night they feel like stars above you in savasana), I love the bamboo floors, and it’s so lovely having all the natural light during the day. It’s so simple, but for what it does, it’s so effective.

Now, I can’t tell you for sure this one is Michel’s. The Yaletown location isn’t listed on his website, but I know he’s done at least four of the other YYoga studios.

If I haven’t already mentioned this, it’s probably worth mentioning now: I love white wash brick. Love love love it. I also have fallen head over heels for the use of grey in interiors. I think there’s a common misconception that grey is cold, but I promise you that it feels like there are more greys than there are colors in the world, and if you choose the right one, it can be one of the warmest elements of a space.

Michel Laflemme Architect with credit also to Donna Toppings & Ron Mikulik.

In addition, this is definitely a shameless plug for my most favorite yoga studios in Vancouver. South Granville, I adore you. YYoga Studios

Shell Chair

The resonance of this chair is just delicious. I want to know so badly, how comfortable it is.

I have always been a big fan of bent plywood furniture, and this one is certainly no exception. Marco Sousa Santos, you are a magician. I always wonder, with how much we’ve managed to accomplish this far, how can we get any further? But then people like this come around and blow us out of the water.

Marco Sousa Santos