I always knew I wanted to be a designer. But I didn’t always know I would fall in love with yoga.

I discovered yoga back in about grade seven. My mom bought me a yoga mat, blocks and a strap for Christmas. I think she thought it was a long shot, but was happy to support an activity I was interested in. Well, it stuck. After taking a year off after high school, and not being accepted into an incredibly competitive design program the first time around, the opportunity to pursue a one-year yoga teacher training program became available. One day I was telling my friend she was crazy for saying she thought I would make a great yoga teacher, and the next I was paying my deposit to hold my position in the program.

I trained in Calgary, AB with Tracy Mann, Tanis Fishman and Lerrita Rubinoff; all absolutely brilliant. We trained primarily in Ashtanga, but explored many facets through our 250 hours.

While I haven’t taught much since (thanks to school consuming most of my time), my intentions for keeping yoga in my life have been sincere. I taught children’s yoga for a year after finishing my training, and have since continued my yoga education at the Vancouver Yoga Conference & Show with a 6 hour Ayurveda workshop, a 6 hour Yin Yoga workshop, and several other hours devoted to expanding my repertoire and broadening my experiences.

I continue to grow my own practice, with the intention of teaching again in the coming years. For now though, I’m enjoying exploring different styles, networking and I’m hoping to travel to reach out even further.